What is Design Fest ?

Creating a Design Community ...

Gathering trainings, conferences and also a competition,
Design Fest is organized by CSE just for design lovers.
Whether you’re a novice, an expert or simply curious ,
Design fest is THE event to attend this june, 29th at ESI- Oued Smar.

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Khaled Islam BOUYA

Senior User Interface Designer

Billal Sefsaf

Director, Product & Brand Design


Senior Visual Designer


From an idea to a Full Prototype

One of the most important stages of the software development cycle involves the development of a working model, a prototype, as it eventually allows you and your future customers to understand the product much better. In this workshop, you will learn how to effectively design your first prototype!

Logo Making Process

A logo can quickly grab viewers’ attention and communicate a company’s core values in an interesting way. This workshop will help you create a unique and effective image to represent your future business’s best qualities.

Introduction to Landscape Illustrations

As they provide that wanderlust feeling as exploring the great outdoors for real, landscape scenes have been a popular subject for amongst talented illustrators. Here you can take your sketches to the next level!

Bring your Designs to Life !

Beyond being very attractive, motion graphics are a great tool to clarify, give context, or explain information. If you want to learn how to create beautiful and captivating animations, this workshop is for you!


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